Food prices rising and more people trying to save money due to the economy, home gardening has taken off in a big way in recent years. Many vegetable seed companies report sales have shot up 30-50%, which is a clear indicator that more people are putting on their gardening gloves and getting to work.

Home gardening is a hobby that can bring great joy to your life, enable you to get some free exercise, and bring the entire family together. Although it may not sound exciting on the surface, it’s something you should consider if you enjoy the outdoors and are interested in reaping the rewards of hard work.

Do you love the satisfying feeling of feeding your family directly from your own home garden?

Knowing your meal was cultivated by your very own hands… sourcing and saving seeds, building up fertile soil and capturing rainwater to nourish your produce?

Or maybe you wish you could grow your own food? You have the heart, mind and will, but just need some easy-to-follow guidance…

You can! And we’ll help you develop the skills you need — with expert tips, step-by-step techniques, and urban farming best practices to get you started.

If you’re already an avid gardener… why not try adding chickens into the mix? (Imagine having fresh eggs every day!) We’ll show you what you need to know — from building coops to feeding your hens to collecting eggs.

Or maybe your next step is beekeeping? (Does it get any better than raw, organic honey for everything from smoothies to salves?!)

Whether this is a new interest for you or you’ve been at it for years, if you’re passionate about living in the healthiest, most sustainable way possible — for yourself, your family, and our planet — you’ll discover essential, environmentally friendly practices for protecting our planet’s precious resources while providing for your family, community and beyond.

With The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit series, you’ll hear from an incredible lineup of today’s most innovative farmers, master gardeners, homesteaders, and off-the-gridders, who are redefining backyard farming and sharing the exact skills you need to live in more sustainable ways, and with greater self-reliance.

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